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<font face=courier new><big><b>PLAYER INFORMATION</b></big><blockquote>

<b>NAME:</b> Dark


<b>CONTACT:</b> redscribbles/fatedzone- plurk, darknessred1-skype, pm

<b>CHARACTERS PLAYED:</b></blockquote> N/A

<b><big>CHARACTER INFORMATION</b></big><blockquote>

<b>NAME:</b> Marcus Wright

<b>CANON:</b> Terminator: Salvation- Final Battle

<b>AGE:</b>  44 or a bit older

<b>CANON POINT:</b> Near the War against Skynet/ Machine’s end

<b>BACKGROUND:</b> Marcus via Final Battle

<b>INCENTIVE:</b> In Marcus’s canon,  There is a major war against Skynet and a serial killer named Parnell where his friend John Connor must willingly give up his human body to save humanity and machines. He wishes John could have his normal human body back.

<b>FIT:</b> Marcus might be a terminator, but he loves like a human does. He has his human heart and brain and still thinks he is a human. He has had a lover in the past named Blair Williams who is willing to forgive him for all he did and give him a second chance to prove himself. He shows his love through protecting humans and sacrifice.

<b>CONSENT:</b> Marcus has never broken consent ever in canon or outside of canon. It is never shown via movie or Comic book.



A voice knocked on Marcus and Blair’s house while they were “busy”, when Marcus got up and looked at Blair and then the door and grumbled. Who would disturb them at this time?

The door was opened as the “recruiter” blinked.

Hello, Mr. Wright,

I am here from Eudio and would like to extend an offer to stay in our city. If you complete our task, I will personally help you get your friend John’s human body back.

What do you say?

Marcus was shocked, who was this person and how did they … know?!

… Sure..


Marcus isn’t human, he’s a cyborg. Half human half terminator. He has superhuman strength and speed but he has weaknesses. He acts human and he can be hit in his heart or brain.


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 [Video: Marcus Wright/Bad]

You find the cyborg terminator sitting somewhere on a rock loading his weapons one by one as he also sharpens a knife. He seems <i> awfully</i> tense and quiet like <i>something</i> is wrong...

The cyborg terminator says nothing to the camera as the cyborg seems to be stalking toward the camera with a screwdriver in his hands.

[Video: Marcus Wright/ Good]

The <i> other better side of Marcus Wright is ready to protect anyone who needed it, as he seems a lot more cheerful and happy. 

The one willing to lay down his life for anyone.

"What.. happened?'!



Marcus had been walking earlier and ended up eyeing the water near a certain area and he needed something to wash off his face, but what happened was that he split into two sides.
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  • Marcus Wright
  • a brief description noting any unusual characteristics that anyone approaching them might notice (eg: wings, horns, intangibility, that italics means that they are singing, etc...), and some basic canon information, so that other players have some background info at their disposal. Marcus is a half human/half terminator built for the sole purpose of destroying John Connor and infiltration of the Human Resistance. He rejected his mission and saves John Connor instead.
  • at least one way for other players to contact you - Contact me via, or darknessred1 on skype.

Marcus Wright 
is from Terminator: Salvation/ Final Battle both Comic books and one: a movie and is the property of  Dark Horse and otherwise. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in <user name=milliways_bar>, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.


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