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Marcus Wright ([personal profile] anewhero) wrote2017-01-14 05:20 pm
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The Terminator and the Man who kills (Marcus's two sides)

 [Video: Marcus Wright/Bad]

You find the cyborg terminator sitting somewhere on a rock loading his weapons one by one as he also sharpens a knife. He seems <i> awfully</i> tense and quiet like <i>something</i> is wrong...

The cyborg terminator says nothing to the camera as the cyborg seems to be stalking toward the camera with a screwdriver in his hands.

[Video: Marcus Wright/ Good]

The <i> other better side of Marcus Wright is ready to protect anyone who needed it, as he seems a lot more cheerful and happy. 

The one willing to lay down his life for anyone.

"What.. happened?'!



Marcus had been walking earlier and ended up eyeing the water near a certain area and he needed something to wash off his face, but what happened was that he split into two sides.